AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-25upgrade for librariesMichal Svoboda
2018-12-31add zeromq dependencyMichal Svoboda
2018-12-31rename install script (confuses autoconf/configure)Michal Svoboda
2018-12-29add user ntopngMichal Svoboda
2018-12-29fix .SRCINFOMichal Svoboda
2018-12-29add libmaxminddb dependencyMichal Svoboda
2018-12-29update to ntopng 3.8Michal Svoboda
2018-08-26Fix compilation error in mongoose due to SOCKET redefinitionMichal Svoboda
2018-08-19bump to v3.4 (requires nDPI from 2.2.2 branch); cleanupMichal Svoboda
2018-02-23Updated to v3.2Barry Smith
2016-07-03added libmardiadbclient depJonathan
2016-07-03added srcinfoJonathan
2016-07-03added new relverJonathan
2016-07-03sum fixJonathan
2016-07-03updated sum for service unitJonathan
2016-07-03fixed all path issuesJonathan
2016-07-03Updated relverJonathan
2016-07-03Ensure package installs to /usr/local entirelyJonathan
2016-07-03fixed path issues and added signature to service unitJonathan
2016-07-03added updaed srcinfoJonathan
2016-07-03added gpg key to PKGBUILD to prevent validation errorsJonathan
2016-07-03initial commit of 2.4Jonathan
2016-04-23Make PKGBUILD more sane, fix ntopng@.serviceFernando Manfredi
2015-12-09update 2.2Tony
2015-12-09update email and release 2.2Tony
2015-09-22update maintainer emailTony
2015-09-22initial commitTony