AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-10(no commit message)novenary
2020-06-13Fix inkscape argument -e that became -oAdler Neves
2017-02-27Use the provided list of assetsDan Elkouby
2017-02-27Fix DPI for double resolution iconsDan Elkouby
2016-10-21Generate @2 PNGsDan Elkouby
2016-10-04Branding got left out, also, styleDan Elkouby
2016-10-04Update to new repo layout and SVG fileDan Elkouby
2016-04-16Move to -gitDan Elkouby
2016-03-31Picked better colorsDan Elkouby
2016-03-31Initial importDan Elkouby