AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-23update to 6.2.8Bhoppi Chaw
2022-06-06update to 5.1.7Bhoppi Chaw
2022-04-07fix gvfs-bin problemBhoppi Chaw
2022-03-30fix icon sizeBhoppi Chaw
2022-03-30update to 5.1.6Bhoppi Chaw
2021-04-15update to 5.1.1Bhoppi Chaw
2021-04-03fix swt dependsBhoppi Chaw
2020-12-19update to 5.0.4Bhoppi Chaw
2020-08-07update to 5.0.1(ex)Bhoppi Chaw
2018-12-19fix 4.1.5 logdir bugBhoppi Chaw
2018-12-19update to 4.1.5Bhoppi Chaw
2018-12-12change source links; precompile python scriptsBhoppi Chaw
2018-12-07update to upstream releaseBhoppi Chaw
2018-12-07big bump to v4.1.4Bhoppi Chaw
2018-12-04update to 3.4.5Bhoppi Chaw
2017-04-28update to 3.4.4Bhoppi Chaw
2017-02-01fix typing errorBhoppi Chaw
2017-02-01fix illegal symlink; change checksums to sha256Bhoppi Chaw
2016-08-04now automatically fix autostart issue; add a executable in /usr/bin; upgrade ...Bhoppi Chaw
2015-06-09initial importBhoppi Chaw