AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-08Remove prepare() function and switch to DLAGENTS, use checksumsMartin Rys
2023-07-25Bump to 5.814, fix wget || true, tidy upMartin Rys
2022-10-285.792Shayne Hartford
2021-12-225.728Shayne Hartford
2021-03-195.692.0Shayne Hartford
2020-12-075.660.0Shayne Hartford (ShayBox)
2020-08-09Change server regionShayne Hartford (ShayBox)
2019-04-08Switched to POST request to get fileShayne Hartford (ShayBox)
2019-04-08Fixed packageShayne Hartford (ShayBox)
2017-11-18Update to 5.414.0Philip Abernethy
2017-04-20Updated .SRCINFO. OopsPhilip Abernethy
2017-04-20Updated source location. Still no update for linux, sadly.Philip Abernethy
2016-05-25Bumped to 5.278.0Philip Abernethy
2016-02-29Initial commitPhilip Abernethy