AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
14 daysUpdate kernel-4.16.patchJonathon Fernyhough
14 daysAlso remove the checksums for removed patches...Jonathon Fernyhough
14 daysUpstream 390.141Jonathon Fernyhough
2021-01-01Might as well be the Maintainer...Jonathon Fernyhough
2021-01-01Fix nvidia-uvmJonathon Fernyhough
2021-01-01Correctly attribute kernel-5.8.patch to Alberto MiloneJonathon Fernyhough
2021-01-01Disable nvidia-uvm for kernel 5.10 (thanks to loqs and Andreas Beckmann)Jonathon Fernyhough
2020-12-20TIL about raw vs. blobJonathon Fernyhough
2020-12-20Fix checksum?Jonathon Fernyhough
2020-12-20Add xtrymind/BlackIkeEagle patch for kernel 5.10Jonathon Fernyhough
2020-10-19Update loqs' patch for 5.9 and 5.4Jonathon Fernyhough
2020-10-19Update loqs' patch for 5.9 and 5.4Jonathon Fernyhough
2020-10-18Add loqs' patch for kernel 5.9Jonathon Fernyhough
2020-08-15Kernel 5.8 patchAlonso Rodriguez
2020-07-07Messed up checksumsAlonso Rodriguez
2020-07-07Correct typoAlonso Rodriguez
2020-07-07Update to 390.138-2 (v2 because some repos used the v1 already)Alonso Rodriguez
2020-06-10bump version (forgot last time)Alonso Rodriguez
2020-06-10update for 5.7 - patch by openglfreakAlonso Rodriguez
2020-06-05update for 5.7Alonso Rodriguez
2020-04-06fix compile 5.6 and all previous errorsAlonso
2020-03-20bump version for 5.5.10Alonso
2020-03-16Added Nvidia Optimus PatchAlonso
2020-03-14Update version for new Linux Kernel 5.5.9Alonso
2020-03-11Moved from [extra]Sven-Hendrik Haase