AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-23Add "510 branch" to descriptionKarl L. Brennan
2024-05-23Upstream 510.108.03, patch for kernel 6.2-6.8, patch for GCC 14Karl L. Brennan
2022-08-05Reinstate dynamic boost feature now CVE‑2022‑31608 is fixedJonathon Fernyhough
2022-08-02Upstream 510.85.02Jonathon Fernyhough
2022-05-25Remove potentially insecure dbus rulesJonathon Fernyhough
2022-05-23Missed a couple of references to the main nvidia packagesJonathon Fernyhough
2022-05-20Upstream 510.73.05Jonathon Fernyhough
2022-05-20Import 510.68.02 to AURJonathon Fernyhough