AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
44 hoursUpdated to version 560.28.03Daniel Bermond
2024-07-03Updated to version 555.58.02Daniel Bermond
2024-06-27Update to version 555.58Daniel Bermond
2024-06-05Updated to version 555.52.04Daniel Bermond
2024-05-21Updated to version 555.42.02Daniel Bermond
2024-04-25Updated to version 550.78Daniel Bermond
2024-04-18Updated to version 550.76Daniel Bermond
2024-03-19Updated to version 550.67Daniel Bermond
2024-02-23Updated to version 550.54.14Daniel Bermond
2024-01-24Update to version 550.40.07Daniel Bermond
2023-11-22Updated to version 545.29.06Daniel Bermond
2023-10-31Update to version 545.29.02Daniel Bermond
2023-10-17Updated to version 545.23.06Daniel Bermond
2023-09-22Updated to version 535.113.01Daniel Bermond
2023-08-22Updated to version 535.104.05Daniel Bermond
2023-08-08Updated to version 535.98Daniel Bermond
2023-07-18Updated to version 535.86.05Daniel Bermond
2023-06-17Updated to version 535.54.03Daniel Bermond
2023-03-24Updated to version 530.41.03Daniel Bermond
2023-03-01Updated to version 530.30.02Daniel Bermond
2023-02-11Updated to version 525.89.02Daniel Bermond
2023-01-21Updated to version 525.85.05Daniel Bermond
2023-01-06Updated to version 525.78.01Daniel Bermond
2022-11-29Updated to version 525.60.11Daniel Bermond
2022-11-10Updated to version 525.53Daniel Bermond
2022-10-13Updated to version 520.56.06Daniel Bermond
2022-09-23Updated to version 515.76Daniel Bermond
2022-06-28Updated to version 515.57Daniel Bermond
2022-06-04Updated to version 515.48.07Daniel Bermond
2022-05-12Updated to version 515.43.04Daniel Bermond
2022-04-26Updated to version 510.68.02Daniel Bermond
2022-03-24Updated to version 510.60.02Daniel Bermond
2022-02-16Updated to version 510.54Daniel Bermond
2022-02-01Updated to version 510.47.03Daniel Bermond
2022-01-11Updated to version 510.39.01Daniel Bermond
2021-12-13Updated to version 495.46Daniel Bermond
2021-10-26Updated to version 495.44Daniel Bermond
2021-10-14Updated to version 495.29.05Daniel Bermond
2021-09-20Updated to version 470.74Daniel Bermond
2021-08-10Updated to version 470.63.01Daniel Bermond
2021-07-19Updated to version 470.57.02Daniel Bermond
2021-06-27Fix dkms.conf patchDaniel Bermond
2021-06-25Updated to version 470.42.01Daniel Bermond
2021-05-18Updated to version 465.31Daniel Bermond
2021-04-29Updated to version 465.27Daniel Bermond
2021-04-14Updated to version 465.24.02Daniel Bermond
2021-03-30Updated to version 465.19.01Daniel Bermond
2021-03-26Updated to version 460.67Daniel Bermond
2021-02-26Updated to version 460.56Daniel Bermond
2021-01-27Updated to version 460.39Daniel Bermond