AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
13 daysfix linking issue from LDFLAGSJulie Shapiro
2022-07-09bump to 3.10.0Julie Shapiro
2022-03-24bump to v3.9.0Kien Dang
2022-02-16bump to v3.8.1Julie Shapiro
2022-02-14add !lto flag, thanks lahwaaczJulie Shapiro
2022-02-08bump to v3.8.0, cgroup v2 supportJulie Shapiro
2022-01-10fix GO111MODULE, thank you @gnaggnoyil for pointing it outJulie Shapiro
2021-12-14move repo over to toolkitJulie Shapiro
2021-05-20bump dependency version check to match upstreamJulie Shapiro
2021-05-19bump to 3.5.0Joel Shapiro
2021-03-02bump to pkgrel 2, screw go build I hate itJoel Shapiro
2021-02-13v3.4.2Joel Shapiro
2020-09-23bump to v3.4.0Joel Shapiro
2020-07-09v3.3.0Kien Dang
2020-05-22Merge pull request #5 from kiendang/v3.2.0Joel Shapiro
2020-05-22v3.2.0Kien Dang
2019-09-13bump to v3.1.4Joel Shapiro
2019-09-123.1.3 tag was destroyed for unknown reasons. until they fix use git commit it...Joel Shapiro
2019-09-09nothing that will get shipped with arch got updated, but version was bumped f...Joel Shapiro
2019-09-05Merge pull request #4 from kiendang/update-3.1.2Joel Shapiro
2019-09-053.1.2Kien Dang
2019-07-30Add proper path trimming flags to PKGBUILDKien Dang
2019-07-28Remove debug lineKien Dang
2019-07-283.1.0Kien Dang
2019-06-10update desc because I myself forgotJoel Shapiro
2019-05-15Merge pull request #2 from kiendang/docker-18.09.6Joel Shapiro
2019-05-14Update to docker 18.09.6kiendang
2019-03-20squash all commits onto aurJoel Shapiro
2018-04-092.0.0+1.docker18.03.0Luke Yeager
2018-03-052.0.0-1.docker17.12.1Luke Yeager
2018-01-041.1.1+1.docker17.12.0Luke Yeager
2017-11-151.1.0-1.docker17.09.0Luke Yeager
2017-10-19Update to 17.09Luke Yeager
2017-09-12Initial commitLuke Yeager