AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-08-19Update driver version to 381.26.13whoseos
2017-08-04Fix wrong dependencywhoseos
2017-07-16Update to latest vulkan driver versionwhoseos
2017-07-02Update to latest vulkan driver versionwhoseos
2017-06-30A new vulkan driver has been released with a lower version number...whoseos
2017-06-21Merge changes from nvidia-utils-beta and update to latest vulkan developer dr...whoseos
2017-03-31update to NVIDIA 375.27.15 with generalized dependencieswhoseos
2017-03-26Add dependency to mesa to replace
2017-03-26Remove which is now provided by lib32-mesa-17.0.2-1whoseos
2017-03-12Update to latest driver releasewhoseos
2017-02-28Change to the new version 375.27.13whoseos
2017-02-23Rename the package with developer keywordwhoseos
2017-02-23Initial commitwhoseos