AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-29Push to version 0.10Pascal Mehnert
2021-05-18Remove curl as make dependencyPascal Mehnert
2021-05-13Switch from pandoc to scdoc for building man pagesPascal Mehnert
2021-03-12Update to latest commitPascal Mehnert
2020-06-14Improve pkgver function with better sed commandPascal Mehnert
2020-05-07Updated to newest git commitPascal Mehnert
2019-11-25Updated to newest commitPascal Mehnert
2019-03-07Updated to newest commitPascal Mehnert
2019-01-21Updated to newest git revisionPascal Mehnert
2018-11-23Various updatesPascal Mehnert
2018-11-16Updated PKGBUILD and SRCINFOPascal Mehnert
2018-09-11Updated packagePascal Mehnert
2018-07-16Updated PKGBUILD and .SRCINFOPascal Mehnert
2018-07-02multiple mergesPascal Mehnert
2018-06-27Improved cat mode and added travis to gitPascal Mehnert
2018-06-16Removed ps dependencyPascal Mehnert
2018-06-14Initail commitPascal Mehnert