AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-08update to 0.4.7piotr
2024-02-06update to 0.4.6piotr
2024-02-05add missing img dirpiotr
2024-02-05update to 0.4.5piotr
2024-02-05update to 0.4.4piotr
2024-02-04fix install pathspiotr
2024-01-27install, LICENSEpiotr
2023-11-27update to 0.4.3piotr
2023-11-22update to 0.4.2piotr
2023-11-18update to 0.4.1piotr
2023-11-08update to 0.4.0piotr
2023-07-28update to 0.3.9piotr
2023-01-22update to 0.3.8piotr
2023-01-12update to 0.3.7piotr
2022-12-11update to 0.3.6piotr
2022-12-01update to 0.3.5piotr
2022-11-13update to 0.3.4piotr
2022-10-31update to 0.3.3piotr
2022-10-26update to 0.3.2piotr
2022-09-25update to 0.3.1piotr
2022-05-08update to 0.3.0piotr
2022-04-14update to 0.2.9piotr
2022-02-15update to 0.2.8piotr
2022-02-09initial binary releasepiotr