AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-08-10Update service-files hashElis Axelsson
2015-08-10Don't touch configElis Axelsson
2015-08-10Since we're started forking (nzbget -D), we have to indicate that to systemdElis Axelsson
2015-08-10Let service find it's own config, it got good defaultsElis Axelsson
2015-08-10Indent the same as the install-scriptElis Axelsson
2015-08-10Removed creation of downloads directories since they will be created dependin...Elis Axelsson
2015-08-10Removed config-file, people can configure themselfElis Axelsson
2015-08-10Install service-file to the global folder for services and not user-contribut...Elis Axelsson
2015-06-21Initial importJan Holthuis