AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-08-27Make `perl-gtk3` a dependency. (due to too many user complaints)trizen
2021-08-22Version 0.90 (switched to Gtk3 by default)trizen
2020-12-03Version 0.89trizen
2020-06-23Version 0.88trizen
2020-01-23Version 0.87trizen
2019-10-17Version 0.86 (with support for using the Gtk3 library)trizen
2018-09-30Version 0.85trizen
2017-11-24gtk2-perl is now optional.trizen
2017-10-30Version 0.84trizen
2017-10-28Updated sha256sums.trizen
2017-10-28Version 0.83trizen
2017-10-22Version 0.82trizen
2017-10-05Version 0.81trizen
2017-08-23Version 0.80 is here. New dependency: gtk2-perltrizen
2017-04-19Version 0.71trizen
2017-03-26Version 0.70.trizen
2017-02-23Added filename to source url.trizen
2017-02-22Version 0.69trizen
2016-11-13Fixed license nametrizen
2016-10-17Version bump to 0.68trizen
2016-05-13Version bump to 0.67trizen
2016-02-02Change source to arraytrizen
2015-08-08Version bump to 0.66trizen
2015-06-20Version bump to 0.65trizen
2015-06-17Added obmenu-generatortrizen