AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-01Updated to v0.2.0David Garfias
2021-03-08Updated to v0.1.2David Garfias
2020-12-14Corrected slight mistake in PKGBUILDDavid Garfias
2020-12-14Correctly update .SRCINFODavid Garfias
2020-12-14Updated mantainer info, removed dependency on gtk3 as it's notDavid Garfias
2020-12-14Removed CHANGELOG file, updated meson commands as shown in the wikiDavid Garfias
2020-05-13Updated to v0.1.1Nahuel Gomez Castro
2020-02-21Refactored PKGBUILD in order to use git tags instead of tarball, and added CH...Nahuel Gomez Castro
2020-02-20Updated to 0.1.0.Richard Neumann
2019-09-25Refactored PKGBUILD.Richard Neumann
2019-09-24Refac.Richard Neumann
2019-09-24Refactored PKGBUILD.Richard Neumann
2019-09-24Updated PKGBUILD.Richard Neumann
2018-05-05append descgho-st