AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-20Add new dependencies and fix licensebenklett
2024-04-01fix: add makepepends on ffnvcodec-headersbenklett
2024-03-27fix: reenable jackbenklett
2024-03-25fix: disable AJA to fix compilationbenklett
2023-12-10Update .gitignore, add *.tar.*benklett
2023-12-10Update cmake to match tips from wikibenklett
2023-12-10Switch to xiotas pkgver functionbenklett
2023-12-10chore: Update package, sort/cleanup dependenciesbenklett
2023-10-05Reenable libfdkbenklett
2023-10-03Add mbedtls2 dependencybenklett
2023-09-23Add qrcodegencpp-cmake dependencybenklett
2023-07-30Add vpl and libdatachannel dependencybenklett
2023-04-02Fix dependency changes in obs-websocketbenklett
2022-10-24Fix git subomodule updatebenklett
2022-10-20use self-generated version of obsbenklett
2022-09-15Update Package to use qt6, librist, new submodulesbenklett
2022-03-27Update .SRCINFObenklett
2022-03-27Add ajantv2 dependencybenklett
2022-03-27Fix buildbenklett
2021-12-14Fix cef-minimal locationbenklett
2021-12-13Add and update dependenciesbenklett
2021-04-05Add xdg-dektop-portal for pipewire supportbenklett
2021-04-05Add obs-vst and piepewirebenklett
2021-02-13add dlopen patch and wayland supportbenklett
2021-02-03Change minimum version of cef-minimal to 87benklett
2021-01-27Switch to cef-minimalbenklett
2020-12-27update .SCRINFObenklett
2020-12-27add v4l2loopback-dkms as optdependsbenklett
2020-07-06Switch to cef-minimal-3770 for the time beingbenklett
2020-03-03Update .SRCINFObenklett
2020-03-03Remove optional dependency of cef-minimal, it seems like it's not neededbenklett
2020-03-03Fix build with browserbenklett
2020-03-02Add support for obs browser sourcebenklett
2019-08-13Update pkgrelbenklett
2019-08-13Remove debug variablebenklett
2019-08-13Fix installation problembenklett
2019-08-13Fix repo URLbenklett
2018-02-27Remove accidentally committed line in PKGBUILDbenklett
2018-01-31Remove cmake workaround for luajitbenklett
2018-01-25Fix indention in PKGBUILD and set expandtab in vimbenklett
2018-01-25Add luajit dependencybenklett
2018-01-23Add python and swig dependency at compile timebenklett
2018-01-23Remove git submodule initbenklett
2018-01-12Specify the version in provides of PKGBUILDbenklett
2017-08-30Update .SRCINFObenklett
2017-08-30Add ftl-sdk submodule for FTL supportbenklett
2016-09-28Switch update icon cache from install file to depsbenklett
2016-08-30Update .SRCINFObenklett
2016-08-30Make jack an optional dep, add vlc as optional depbenklett
2016-03-07Add missing dependency: jack + Reformat PKGBUILDbenklett