AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-08-14Fix compilation by copying patch from OPAMMarek Kubica
2014-09-13Added camlp4 to makedepends since it was split out of OCaml 4.02Marek Kubica
2014-05-03Added staticlibs to prevent .a files being deletedMarek Kubica
2014-01-21Added camomileLibrary.a to packageMarek Kubica
2013-11-22Moved ocaml and findlib to makedependsMarek Kubica
2013-09-17Update to new package guidelinesMarek Kubica
2013-09-16Bumped package versionMarek Kubica
2013-09-16Initial import of 0.8.4-2 packageMarek Kubica