AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-04Update wrong ocaml library docs pathsDaniel Peukert
2024-01-28Sync pkgbuilds repo with AURDaniel Peukert
2023-05-23Remove unsupported archs from ocaml packagesDaniel Peukert
2023-05-22Bump ocaml packagesDaniel Peukert
2023-04-01Update 32-bit architectures based on available dependencies and binariesDaniel Peukert
2023-03-01Get rid of ARM v5 and v6, as no Arch-based distro supports themDaniel Peukert
2022-10-29Update ocaml-fileutils to 0.6.4Daniel Peukert
2022-08-10ocaml 4.14.0 bumpDaniel Peukert
2022-08-04Add ocaml-fileutilsDaniel Peukert
2018-07-27Upgrade to version 0.5.3robinleander
2017-11-21makedeps += ocamlbuildThorsten Wißmann
2016-01-28Import from AUR3Thorsten Wißmann