AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-25update architecturesChristopher Price
2024-02-25Updated to cvs10 prereleaseChristopher Price
2021-06-26Fix pkgrel 11Christopher Price
2021-06-23Make downloaded source filename uniqueChristopher Price
2020-06-26bring in latest commit off master; hardcode package to this commitChristopher Price
2020-06-24Fixes dune 2.6 support; use version based off commit 707767e142574a017525afce...Christopher Price
2019-06-22Build off master for findlib fallback fixChristopher Price
2019-06-22Update to build the patched fork of this package for use with google-drive-oc...haxxor
2016-06-03Fix the problems with this steaming pileJohn K. Luebs
2015-07-09ocamlfuse: addJohn K. Luebs