AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-17dependency on OCaml change to ocaml4Oliver Bandel
2023-11-16version constraints for the ocaml-compiler (package 'ocaml') addedOliver Bandel
2023-11-14.SRCINFO corrected/updatedOliver Bandel
2023-11-14Update to ocamlnet 4.1.9Oliver Bandel
2020-06-05ocamlnet 4.1.7Oliver Bandel
2018-07-02ocamlnet 4.1.6Oliver Bandel
2017-12-06ocamlnet 4.1.5Oliver Bandel
2017-11-20OCamlnet 4.1.4Oliver Bandel
2017-08-07corrected: removed unused commands.Oliver Bandel
2017-08-06ocamlnet 4.1.3Oliver Bandel
2017-07-20more verbose package-release for finding problem with applying patched 'netsy...Oliver Bandel
2017-07-16Fixing last commit ("Patching to fix compilation-rpobolem, wh...Oliver Bandel
2017-07-16Patching to fix compilation-rpobolem, when using OCaml 4.05.Oliver Bandel
2016-10-15"-bindir /usr/bin" added for ./configureOliver Bandel
2016-06-20ocamlnet 4.1.2.Oliver Bandel
2016-03-04updated for ocamlnet 4.1.1Oliver Bandel
2015-11-07Updating srcinfo, os that pkgrel=2 !!!Oliver Bandel
2015-11-07Added comments with module-activation for configure.Oliver Bandel
2015-07-29ocamlnet 4.0.4Oliver Bandel
2015-06-10Initial importOliver Bandel