AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-28change some build flagsGrey Christoforo
2018-02-20version bumpGrey Christoforo
2017-08-24only patch out xlocale.h if it's not on the systemGrey Christoforo
2017-08-24fix for glibc no longer having xlocale.hGrey Christoforo
2017-08-22version bumpGrey Christoforo
2017-06-06version bumpGrey Christoforo
2017-05-02add gluGrey Christoforo
2017-02-15version bumpGrey Christoforo
2016-06-28bump versionGrey Christoforo
2016-04-28version bumpGrey Christoforo
2016-01-18fix install dirs not being madeGrey Christoforo
2016-01-18remove tk from build depGrey Christoforo
2016-01-18add tkGrey Christoforo
2016-01-18give installed libs lower priorityGrey Christoforo
2016-01-18add new files to source listGrey Christoforo
2016-01-18bump srcinfoGrey Christoforo
2016-01-18allow the libs to be foundGrey Christoforo
2016-01-18move to /opt/oceGrey Christoforo
2016-01-18downgrading...Grey Christoforo
2016-01-18downgrade to version 0.16.1 because python-occ can't work with the newer vers...Grey Christoforo
2016-01-17bump relGrey Christoforo
2016-01-17install to /usr/localGrey Christoforo
2016-01-17initial working versionGrey Christoforo