AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-27Fix srcinfo mistake...Jake
2019-05-27Update checksums againJake
2019-05-17Update to 1.3.11Jake
2019-04-04Update checksumsJake
2019-02-07Fix checksums againJake
2018-12-12Update to 1.3.10Jake
2018-12-06Update checksumJake
2018-09-12Fix checksums againJake
2018-07-26Update to 1.3.9Jake
2018-07-11Add serve paramter in service flagJake
2018-06-30Change tmpfiles to dJake
2018-06-27Update checksumJake
2018-06-19Quote paths that could contain spacesJake
2018-06-19Use systemd tmpfiles.d to change ownerJake
2018-06-17Trigger sysusers before chown in .installJake
2018-05-24Use systemd sysusersJake
2018-04-26Fix checksumJake
2018-04-13Update to 1.3.8Jake
2018-04-09Update to 1.3.7Jake
2018-03-19Fix checksums againJake
2018-01-05Update to 1.3.6Jake
2017-12-05Update checksumJake
2017-10-24Update checksum againJake
2017-10-20Update to 1.3.5Jake
2017-06-06Update checksumJake
2017-06-03Update to 1.3.4Jake
2017-05-02remove relocatable command, in order to allow plugin installation (thanks to ...Jake
2017-04-24update checksumJake
2017-04-04chown to octoprintJake
2017-03-17Update to 1.3.2Jake
2017-03-06Update checksumsJake
2017-02-06Update to 1.3.1Jake
2017-01-18Correct hashsumsJake
2017-01-15Remove non existing packageJake
2017-01-15Initial importJake