AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-23Updated to todayMiguel Revilla
2019-01-16Fixed md5sumMiguel Revilla
2019-01-16Updated to todayMiguel Revilla
2018-07-20Update to 20180720Miguel Revilla
2018-06-24Updated to 20180624Miguel Revilla
2018-06-18Update to 20180618Miguel Revilla
2018-06-13Update to 20180613Miguel Revilla
2018-06-04Updated to todayMiguel Revilla
2018-06-04Updated to todayMiguel Revilla
2018-06-01Update to 20180601Miguel Revilla
2018-05-31Update to 20180531Miguel Revilla
2018-05-30Update to 20180530Miguel Revilla
2018-05-30Release bumpMiguel Revilla
2018-05-30Release bumpMiguel Revilla
2018-05-30Update to 20180529Miguel Revilla
2018-05-09Update to 20180509Miguel Revilla
2018-05-05Update to 20180505Miguel Revilla
2018-04-09Updated to 20180409Miguel Revilla
2018-04-09Initial odoo10 commit, taken from the last odoo-10Miguel Revilla