AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-04Update license and convert file checksum to b2sumTércio Martins
2022-08-13Search for ffmpeg4.4 during buildTércio Martins
2020-06-24Compilation issue resolved, error messages during build treated, updated meta...Tércio Martins
2019-11-12Update to version 0.1.2Tércio Martins
2019-08-24Update to version 0.1.1Tércio Martins
2019-05-09The sha512sum and build function have been fixed.Tércio Martins
2019-05-06Update to version 0.1.0Tércio Martins
2019-03-04Change in PKGBUILD: conflict with package olive-gitTércio Martins
2018-12-23Update to version 20181223Tércio Martins
2018-12-22Adding PKGBUILD to AURTércio Martins