AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
13 daysUpdate "pkgver" because the first revision number has decreased to 0.Tércio Martins
2020-02-02Update to commit 9b7cbb3fTércio Martins
2019-05-15Update to commit 5e0e0334Tércio Martins
2019-05-15Revert "Upgrade to commit 5e0e0334"Tércio Martins
2019-05-15Upgrade to commit 5e0e0334Tércio Martins
2019-05-11Update to commit 7985cc48Tércio Martins
2019-05-09Update to commit 3fe0d1cdTércio Martins
2019-05-06Update to commit b819a30c \(inclusion of the new pipeline\)Tércio Martins
2019-05-02Update to commit f81df006Tércio Martins
2019-04-22Update to commit c5f63ec2Tércio Martins
2019-04-18Update to commit 35e0cb4fTércio Martins
2019-04-14Update to commit 8cef5ce9Tércio Martins
2019-04-07makedepends: adding package qt5-toolsTércio Martins
2019-04-06Update to commit 6264123: Build system changed to CMake; frei0r-plugins is no...Tércio Martins
2019-04-02New optional package: olive-community-effects-gitTércio Martins
2019-04-02Update to commit a0f6299Tércio Martins
2019-03-26Update to commit 675ea942Tércio Martins
2019-03-24Update to commit ad44b00Tércio Martins
2019-03-22Update to commit d0b7004bTércio Martins
2019-03-18Update to commit 6d01597 -- New dependencies: frei0r-plugins and qt5-svgTércio Martins
2019-03-15Update to commit 76b3cf5Tércio Martins
2019-03-15Update to commit 76b3cf5Tércio Martins
2019-03-12Update to commit 0f3d91bTércio Martins
2019-03-04Adding PKGBUILD to AURTércio Martins