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2021-06-22Update to v4.0.1430.Donald Webster
2021-04-26Update to v4.0.1342.Donald Webster
2020-10-27Update to v3.0.5223.Donald Webster
2020-07-20Update to v3.0.5202.Donald Webster
2019-11-15Update to v3.0.4892.Donald Webster
2019-11-13Update to v3.0.4887.Donald Webster
2019-11-13Update to v3.0.4880.Donald Webster
2019-10-13Update to v3.0.4817.Donald Webster
2019-07-17Update to v3.0.4680.Donald Webster
2019-07-02Update to v3.0.4659.Donald Webster
2019-02-19Update to v3.0.4256.Donald Webster
2019-02-18Add aarch64 support, really totally remove i686.Donald Webster
2019-02-18Update to v3.0.4248 and remove i686 support.Donald Webster
2019-02-06Add optdepends for lidarr.Donald Webster
2019-01-09Update to v3.0.4119.Donald Webster
2018-12-11Update to v3.0.4036.Donald Webster
2018-11-23Update to v3.0.3988.Donald Webster
2018-10-26Update to v3.0.3945.Donald Webster
2018-10-20Update to v3.0.3923.Donald Webster
2018-10-18Update to v3.0.3919.Donald Webster
2018-09-23Update to v3.0.3795.Donald Webster
2018-09-22Update to v3.0.3786.Donald Webster
2018-09-21Update to v3.0.3776.Donald Webster
2018-09-08Add icu as depend.Donald Webster
2018-08-19Update to 3.0.3587.Donald Webster
2018-08-01Use more effecient chmod.Donald Webster
2018-07-18Update to v3.0.3477.Donald Webster
2018-06-23Update to v3.0.2421.Donald Webster
2018-06-19Update to v3.0.3407.Donald Webster
2018-06-07Update to v3.0.3383.Donald Webster
2018-06-04Update to v3.0.3368.Donald Webster
2018-05-26Update to v3.0.3346.Donald Webster
2018-05-17Update to v3.0.3330.Donald Webster
2018-05-15Add log symlink to /var/log.Donald Webster
2018-05-11Update to v3.0.3304.Donald Webster
2018-04-29Update to v3.0.3268.Donald Webster
2018-04-29Add #comment to tmpfiles file.Donald Webster
2018-03-27Update to v3.0.3111.Donald Webster
2018-03-16Switch to systemds tmpfiles.Donald Webster
2018-03-14Update to v3.0.3030.Donald Webster
2018-03-13Update to v3.0.3020.Donald Webster
2018-03-09Update to v3.0.3000.Donald Webster
2018-03-04openssl is spelled openssl, not libssl.Donald Webster
2018-03-04Depends on openssl-1.0.Donald Webster
2018-03-04Update to v3.0.2970.Donald Webster
2017-04-15And update the .SRCINFO...Donald Webster
2017-04-15Things are way cooler when the zip file is called .zip.Donald Webster
2017-04-15Solve silly caching issue.Donald Webster
2017-04-15Add .zip to .gitignore.Donald Webster
2017-04-15Update to v2.2.1Donald Webster