AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysAdd d-runtime as dependencyPeter Smit
2020-01-01Upgrade to version 2.3.13Peter Smit
2019-12-04Upgrade to version 2.3.12Peter Smit
2019-11-05Use d-compiler as dependency instead of dmdPeter Smit
2019-11-05Upgrade to version 2.3.11Peter Smit
2019-10-18Add correct sysconfdir for bash completion and log rotationPeter Smit
2019-10-01Upgrade to version 2.3.10Peter Smit
2019-09-01Upgrade to version 2.3.9Peter Smit
2019-08-04Upgrade to version 2.3.8Peter Smit
2019-07-03Upgrade to version 2.3.7Peter Smit
2019-07-03Upgrade to version 2.3.6Peter Smit
2019-06-25Upgrade to version 2.3.5Peter Smit
2019-06-13Upgrade to version 2.3.4, using new build systemPeter Smit
2019-04-16Upgrade to version 2.3.3 and enable bash/zsh completionsPeter Smit
2019-04-02Bump to version 2.3.2Peter Smit
2019-03-29Version 2.3.1Peter Smit