AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-05Bump epochAleksander Bobiński
2021-06-05Update to v0.13.0Aleksander Bobiński
2021-05-22Bump pkgrelAleksander Bobiński
2021-05-22Remove -Werror from open3dAleksander Bobiński
2020-04-23Update git source url.JunYoung Gwak
2020-02-12Remove outdated patch.JunYoung Gwak
2020-02-12Update to v0.9.0JunYoung Gwak
2020-02-12Fix typo.JunYoung Gwak
2019-12-09Update to v0.8.0JunYoung Gwak
2018-05-01Fixes provides for python-py3dDylon Edwards
2018-05-01Adds provides and conflictsDylon Edwards
2018-05-01Changes the target to the official repositoryDylon Edwards
2018-04-29Removes SITE_PACKAGES artifact from package_open3d()Dylon Edwards
2018-04-29Adds makedepends on gitDylon Edwards
2018-04-29Fixes pkgver to be in the expected formatDylon Edwards
2018-04-29Fixes source locatio nfor future project location (see: Edwards
2018-04-29Imports version 0.1.2Dylon Edwards