AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-06-22Fix compilation with ffmpeg 7.0Vekhir
2024-05-14Fix compilation with poppler 24.05Vekhir
2024-05-08Update to 1.7.1 and switch to cmake community buildVekhir
2024-03-12Switch to qt6 as of v1.7 qt5 got deprecated.bartus
2024-03-12Specify quazip QT5 versionbartus
2024-01-17Replace msg2 with echoVekhir
2023-12-18Update to 1.7.0-3: Fix startupHints, remove obsolete dependencies and patches...Frank Siegert
2023-12-13Update to 1.7.0-2Frank Siegert
2023-12-10Update to 1.7.0-1Frank Siegert
2023-01-27Update to 1.6.4-2: Fix for new quazip version.Frank Siegert
2022-10-07Update to 1.6.4-1Frank Siegert
2022-06-14Update to 1.6.3-1Frank Siegert
2022-06-07Update to 1.6.2-1Frank Siegert
2022-03-22Fix compilation with latest versions of poppler and ffmpegFrank Siegert
2022-02-27Update to 1.6.1-5: Fix compile problem with poppler >= 22Frank Siegert
2021-12-07Fix icon path in desktop launcherFrank Siegert
2021-12-02Fix consecutive prepare() for paru/yaybartus
2021-11-16Update quazip.patchbartus
2021-05-31Fix gcc:11 name collisionbartus
2021-04-30Add 'patch' to makedependsFrank Siegert
2021-04-26Unify with openboard-developbartus
2020-10-12update quazip.patch to version 1.1bartus
2020-10-11fix quazip lib namebartus
2020-10-11update quazip.patchbartus
2020-10-11Normalize patch namesbartus
2020-02-23Update to 1.5.4-1Frank Siegert
2020-01-19Update to 1.5.3-4: Fix compilation issueFrank Siegert
2019-04-12Drop OpenBoard-ThirdPartybartus
2019-04-11Update to 1.5.3-2 include patch for memleakFrank Siegert
2019-04-10Update to 1.5.3-1Frank Siegert
2019-04-09Update to 1.5.2-3: fix desktop fileFrank Siegert
2019-04-09add missing dependency (forgot SRCINFO)Frank Siegert
2019-04-09add missing dependencyFrank Siegert
2019-04-09Update to 1.5.2-2Frank Siegert
2019-01-24Update to 1.5.2-1Frank Siegert
2018-12-16Fix for new QWebKit dependency structure (thanks to madprog!).Frank Siegert
2018-12-16Update to 1.5.1-1Frank Siegert
2018-09-19Update to 1.4.1-1Frank Siegert
2018-06-01Update to 1.4.0-3: add sdl dependencyFrank Siegert
2018-05-21Update to 1.4.0-2: libfdk-aac dependency added.Frank Siegert
2018-04-04Update to 1.4.0-1Frank Siegert
2017-05-12Update to 1.3.5-4:Frank Siegert
2017-05-11Update to 1.3.5-3:Frank Siegert
2017-05-09Update to 1.3.5-2: Fix compilation with most recent openssl and Qt versions.Frank Siegert
2017-04-06Update to 1.3.5-1Frank Siegert
2016-12-06First commit of OpenBoard package.Frank Siegert