AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-13Drop patch in favour of `git apply`bartus
2024-03-12Refactor patch callbartus
2024-03-12Switch to qt6bartus
2024-03-12Update quazip.patchbartus
2024-01-16Pop version, revert commit braking translationsbartus
2024-01-16Update .SRCINFObartus
2024-01-16Fix build issuesVekhir
2022-01-20Switch from unauthenticated git:// protocol to https://bartus
2022-01-20Fix build agasint latest Arch poppler pkgbartus
2022-01-20desktop-file-validate fixbartus
2021-11-17Update quazip.patchbartus
2021-05-31Allow ccache reuse in different location.bartus
2021-05-31Fix gcc:11 name collisionbartus
2021-04-14Unify PKGBUILDsbartus
2021-04-14Fix pkgverbartus
2021-04-14Build translationsbartus
2021-04-14Update quazip.patch drop_thirdParty_repo.patchbartus
2021-04-14Drop upstream applied patches: popple, qwebkitbartus
2020-10-12update quazip.patch to quazip:1.1bartus
2020-10-11Update quazip.patchbartus
2020-02-03Drop upstream applied patches.bartus
2020-01-20Update patch for poppler>=0.83bartus
2019-10-02Travis: Port changes from blender-2.8-gitbartoszek
2019-10-01Travis: Update arch-travis keywordbartus
2019-10-01add Travis build and deploy scriptsbartus
2019-05-14add 'git' to 'makedepends'bartus
2019-04-1430fps podcast patchbartus
2019-04-13drop ThirdParty repobartus
2019-04-12initial workbartus
2019-04-12refactor $$ package to $$-gitbartus
2019-04-11Update to 1.5.3-2 include patch for memleakFrank Siegert
2019-04-10Update to 1.5.3-1Frank Siegert
2019-04-09Update to 1.5.2-3: fix desktop fileFrank Siegert
2019-04-09add missing dependency (forgot SRCINFO)Frank Siegert
2019-04-09add missing dependencyFrank Siegert
2019-04-09Update to 1.5.2-2Frank Siegert
2019-01-24Update to 1.5.2-1Frank Siegert
2018-12-16Fix for new QWebKit dependency structure (thanks to madprog!).Frank Siegert
2018-12-16Update to 1.5.1-1Frank Siegert
2018-09-19Update to 1.4.1-1Frank Siegert
2018-06-01Update to 1.4.0-3: add sdl dependencyFrank Siegert
2018-05-21Update to 1.4.0-2: libfdk-aac dependency added.Frank Siegert
2018-04-04Update to 1.4.0-1Frank Siegert
2017-05-12Update to 1.3.5-4:Frank Siegert
2017-05-11Update to 1.3.5-3:Frank Siegert
2017-05-09Update to 1.3.5-2: Fix compilation with most recent openssl and Qt versions.Frank Siegert
2017-04-06Update to 1.3.5-1Frank Siegert
2016-12-06First commit of OpenBoard package.Frank Siegert