AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-03Updated to 6.0.2George Sofianos
2023-12-17Updated to 6.0.0George Sofianos
2023-10-17Updated to 5.7.1George Sofianos
2023-09-16Updated to 5.7.0George Sofianos
2023-08-31Updated to 5.6.1George Sofianos
2023-06-30fix: missing hipccGeorge Sofianos
2023-06-30Updated to 5.6.0George Sofianos
2023-05-25Updated to 5.5.1George Sofianos
2023-05-04Updated to 5.5.0George Sofianos
2023-03-15Updated to 5.4.3-3George Sofianos
2023-02-18Updated to 5.4.3-2George Sofianos
2023-02-12Updated to 5.4.3George Sofianos
2022-12-15Updated to 5.4.1George Sofianos
2022-12-02Updated to 5.4.0George Sofianos
2022-11-18Updated to 5.3.3George Sofianos
2022-11-10Updated to 5.3.2George Sofianos
2022-10-02Updated to 22.40George Sofianos
2022-08-20Updated to 22.20.3George Sofianos
2022-07-01Updated to 22.20George Sofianos
2022-05-21Updated to 22.10.3George Sofianos
2022-05-11Updated to 22.10.2George Sofianos
2022-04-09Updated to 22.10.1George Sofianos
2022-03-31Updated to 22.10George Sofianos
2022-03-06Updated to 21.50.2George Sofianos
2022-02-11Updated PKGBUILDGeorge Sofianos
2022-02-11Updated filesGeorge Sofianos
2022-02-11Updated to 21.50George Sofianos
2021-12-26Updated dependenciesGeorge Sofianos
2021-12-26Updated package to use /opt/rocmGeorge Sofianos
2021-12-20Updated to 21.40.2George Sofianos
2021-11-13Updated to 21.40.1George Sofianos
2021-08-10Updated to 21.30George Sofianos
2021-06-30Updated to 21.20George Sofianos
2021-04-21Updated to 21.10 - thanks to @nullikGeorge Sofianos
2021-04-21Updated to 21.10 - thanks to @nullikGeorge Sofianos
2021-03-28new build versionbinex-dsk
2021-02-01updated conflicts/provides, added bitcodebinex-dsk
2020-11-21removed linux from dependsbinex-dsk
2020-11-20removed something i accidentally left therebinex-dsk
2020-11-20added numactl to depends because it fixed stuffbinex-dsk
2020-11-1820.45 update; thanks to luciddreambinex-dsk
2020-10-02updated versionbinex-dsk
2020-08-01Updated to 20.30.1109583Christopher Snowhill
2020-07-25Updated to 20.20.1098277Christopher Snowhill
2020-06-15Fixed PAL library, which was missing the newly versioned comgr libraryChristopher Snowhill
2020-06-13Updated to 20.20Christopher Snowhill
2020-04-29Updated to latest version, which may or may not work properly on Polaris GPUsChristopher Snowhill
2020-04-07Update package conflicts to include rocm-opencl-runtime, since it uses the sa...Christopher Snowhill
2020-03-29Update package conflicts and provides, so it can be a substitute for the amdg...Christopher Snowhill