AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-01Add openmpi to makedepsPeter Sutton
2024-02-01Format makedepsPeter Sutton
2023-07-083.4.20Peter Sutton
2022-12-283.4.19Peter Sutton
2022-11-113.4.18Peter Sutton
2022-06-273.4.16Peter Sutton
2022-02-14Inc pkgrelPeter Sutton
2022-02-14DrAtomic's tbb patchPeter Sutton
2021-07-04Update lapack patchbionade24
2021-04-10Update packageFelix Exner
2021-04-10Fix lapack-related build errorFelix Exner
2020-11-17v3.4.12; remove the unneeded libjasper patchZHOU Yue
2020-08-02fix checksumZHOU Yue
2020-07-30v3.4.11; patch for libjasper update; remove deprecated workaroundsZHOU Yue
2019-11-11add a temporary workaround for a bug in TBBConfig.cmakeZHOU Yue
2019-08-30v3.4.7; workaround for EIGEN_INCLUDE_PATHZHOU Yue
2019-07-02v3.4.6ZHOU Yue
2019-03-13rebuild against vtk 8.2 & double-conversionZHOU Yue
2019-02-18fix: add a conf file into `/etc/`ZHOU Yue
2019-02-14fix compatibility problemsZHOU Yue
2019-02-13fix providesZHOU Yue
2019-02-13modify descriptionZHOU Yue
2019-02-13initial: v3.4.5ZHOU Yue