AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-09-152.1.10Javier Torres
2021-05-102.1.9Javier Torres
2021-02-212.1.8Javier Torres
2020-10-05Update to 2.1.7Javier Torres
2020-02-222.1.6Javier Torres
2019-11-08Update to 2.1.5Javier Torres
2019-06-05Update to 2.1.4Javier Torres
2018-07-29Update to 2.1.3Javier Torres
2017-07-27Update to 2.1.1Javier Torres
2017-03-24Update to 2.1.0Javier Torres
2017-01-19Update to 2.0.4Javier Torres
2016-10-26Update to 2.0.3Javier Torres
2016-05-27Update to 1.4.10Javier Torres
2016-02-05Update to 1.4.9Javier Torres
2015-10-16Upgrade to 1.4.8, include SQL upgrade scriptJavier Torres
2015-06-09Initial importJavier Torres