AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-27Update to version 1.9.0Patrick Hanft
2019-01-08Update to version 1.8.1Patrick Hanft
2018-11-26Update to version 1.8.0Charles DELFLY
2018-07-26Update to version 1.7.1Charles DELFLY
2018-05-05update to 1.7 – otp 2fa patch should be obsoletePatrick Hanft
2018-05-05added build stuff to .gitignorePatrick Hanft
2018-05-05added .gitignorePatrick Hanft
2018-03-30Add patch to make 2FA use OTPCharles DELFLY
2017-11-15bump to 1.6.0Patrick Hanft
2017-08-29now real bump to 1.5.0 -- not only updated patch, but also version number ;-)Patrick Hanft
2017-08-29bump to 1.5.0 -- should work now with openssl 1.1Patrick Hanft
2017-05-29bump to 1.3.1Patrick Hanft
2017-05-20updated .SRCINFOPatrick Hanft
2017-05-20Fix building error - workaroundMaciej Łotysz
2017-02-07bump to 1.3.0Patrick Hanft
2016-10-16bump to 1.2.0Patrick Hanft
2016-07-16also bumped .SRCINFO to 1.1.4Patrick Hanft
2016-07-16bump to 1.1.4Patrick Hanft
2016-01-22Initial importPatrick Hanft