AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-23upgraded to 1.8.2; disabled pythonJingbei Li
2020-08-24Updated to upstream version 1.7.9Alberto Sánchez Molero
2020-04-26update to 1.7.6 using walwe's PKGBUILDCheong Sik Feng
2018-04-01Version bump to 1.6.7Jean Lucas
2018-02-11Update checksumsJean Lucas
2018-01-31Version bump, add upstream sha1 and sha256sumsJean Lucas
2017-12-16add spaces to configure optionsJean Lucas
2017-12-09Version bump to 1.6.5Jean Lucas
2017-06-16version bump to 1.6.2Jean Lucas
2016-10-30Update to Hauser
2016-02-24Update to source release 7.Andreas Hauser
2016-02-19Update to 1.5.0buggs
2015-07-30Add /usr/lib/fst to and fix python option.buggs
2015-07-22Initial importChristoph Drexler