AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 daysUpdate to v0.33.1William Edwards
9 daysUpdate to v0.33.0William Edwards
2024-07-02Update to v0.32.11William Edwards
2024-06-28Update to v0.32.9William Edwards
2024-06-20Update to v0.32.8William Edwards
2024-06-20Update to v0.32.7Derek J. Clark
2024-06-05Update to v0.32.6William Edwards
2024-06-05Update to v0.32.4William Edwards
2024-06-02Update to v0.31.0William Edwards
2024-03-06Update to v0.30.3Derek J. Clark
2024-02-03Update to v0.30.2Derek J. Clark
2024-01-31Update to v0.30.1William Edwards
2024-01-26Update to v0.29.2William Edwards
2024-01-13Drop 'v' prefix from pkver and drop unsused prepare()William Edwards
2024-01-13Update to v0.29.1 and include Dockerfile to test build in DockerWilliam Edwards
2023-11-12Optionally depend on bluez and dbusWilliam Edwards
2023-11-12Adjust dependenciesWilliam Edwards
2023-11-11Update to v0.28.0William Edwards
2023-10-12Fix overlay service nameWilliam Edwards
2023-10-11Update to v0.26.1William Edwards
2023-10-10Update to v0.25.3William Edwards
2023-10-08Update to v0.25.1Derek J. Clark
2023-10-05Update to v0.24.1William Edwards
2023-10-03Update to v0.23.1William Edwards
2023-09-09Update to v0.21.7William Edwards
2023-09-09Update to v0.21.6William Edwards
2023-09-09Update to v0.21.5William Edwards
2023-09-05Update to v0.21.2Derek J. Clark
2023-09-04Add wireplumber as optional dependencyWilliam Edwards
2023-09-04Update to v0.21.0William Edwards
2023-08-15Upgrade to v0.20.0William Edwards
2023-07-18Fix inclusion of libdbusWilliam Edwards
2023-07-17Update to v0.19.2William Edwards
2023-07-17Update to v0.19.1William Edwards
2023-07-16Update to v0.18.5William Edwards
2023-07-16Update to v0.18.4Derek J. Clark
2023-07-16Update to v0.18.3William Edwards
2023-07-12Update to v0.18.2William Edwards
2023-07-02Update to v0.15.5Derek J. Clark
2023-06-30Update to v0.15.4William Edwards
2023-06-29Update to v0.15.3Derek J. Clark
2023-06-29Update to v0.15.2Derek J. Clark
2023-06-28Update to v0.15.1Derek J. Clark
2023-06-27Update to v0.15.0William Edwards
2023-06-25Update to v0.14.2Derek J. Clark
2023-06-19Upgrade to v0.14.0William Edwards
2023-06-16Upgrade to v0.13.4William Edwards
2023-06-02Update to v0.13.3Derek J. Clark
2023-06-02Update to v0.13.2William Edwards
2023-06-02Update to v0.13.1William Edwards