AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-06-05Update to r22.f9aafe5William Edwards
2024-06-05Update to r21.af05735William Edwards
2023-10-29Update name and dependenciesWilliam Edwards
2023-07-19Update to latestWilliam Edwards
2023-07-19Update to latestWilliam Edwards
2023-07-17Update to latest shaDerek J. Clark
2023-06-19Add logging of gamesopecmdDerek J. Clark
2023-04-05fix for intelDerek J. Clark
2023-03-29Fix package descriptionDerek J. Clark
2023-03-22Update OGUI_CMD for gamescope-ogui-qam-session-script to latest.Derek J. Clark
2023-02-20Add only-qam sessionDerek J. Clark
2023-02-13initial commitDerek J. Clark