AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-28updated to v2.5.12Christoph Scholz
2020-12-15updated to v2.5.11Christoph Scholz
2020-12-06added karaf_wrapper.shChristoph Scholz
2020-12-05select specific java version on startupChristoph Scholz
2020-11-07updated to v2.5.10Christoph Scholz
2020-10-14updated to v2.5.9Christoph Scholz
2020-08-25updated to v2.5.8Christoph Scholz
2020-07-25updated to v2.5.7Christoph Scholz
2020-06-24updated to v2.5.6Christoph Scholz
2020-05-23openhab user is now added to audio groupChaosKid42
2020-05-22updated to v2.5.5Christoph Scholz
2020-04-21updated to v2.5.4Christoph Scholz
2020-03-29updated to v2.5.3ChaosKid42
2020-02-29added improvements from Peter LernerChristoph Scholz
2020-02-27updated to v2.5.2Christoph Scholz
2020-01-21updated to v2.5.1Christoph Scholz
2019-12-16updated to v2.5.0Christoph Scholz
2018-12-19updated to v2.4.0Christoph Scholz
2018-06-02updated to v2.3.0Christoph Scholz
2018-04-11added etc/default/openhab2 to backup arrayChristoph Scholz
2018-01-01dependency is now fixed to java-runtime versin 8Christoph Scholz
2017-12-22bumped to version 2.2.0ChaosKid42
2017-07-01bumped to version 2.1.0ChaosKid42
2017-05-04changed srcinfo accordinglyChaosKid42
2017-05-04made it compliant to linux FHSChaosKid42
2017-05-03initial versionChaosKid42