AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-07-12Fix package for Python 3.11 and some added dependenciesMark C
2023-03-04Upstream release upgrade to 3.0.2Mark C
2023-01-14upgpkg: openlp 3.0.1-1Mark C
2023-01-01upgpkg: openlp 3.0.0-1Mark C
2020-12-30upgpkg: openlp 2.4.6-5Simon Hanna
2019-11-27upgpkg: openlp 2.4.6-4Simon Hanna
2018-08-12upgpkg: openlp 2.4.6-3Simon Hanna
2018-08-12upgpkg: openlp 2.4.6-2Simon Hanna
2018-07-30upgpkg: openlp 2.4.6-2Simon Hanna
2017-04-01upgpkg: openlp 2.4.6-1Simon Hanna
2017-04-01upgpkg: openlp 2.4.6-2Simon Hanna
2017-02-23upgpkg: openlp 2.4.5-2Simon Hanna
2017-02-04upgpkg: openlp 2.4.5-1Simon Hanna
2017-01-16upgpkg: openlp 2.4.4-2Simon Hanna
2016-11-27upgpkg: openlp 2.4.4-1Simon Hanna
2016-09-24Add missing srcinfoSimon Hanna
2016-09-24upgpkg: openlp 2.4.3-1Simon Hanna
2016-07-22upgpkg: openlp 2.4.2-2Simon Hanna
2016-06-27upgpkg: openlp 2.4.2-1Simon Hanna
2016-05-03upgpkg: openlp 2.4.1-1Simon Hanna
2016-04-28upgpkg: openlp 2.4-3Simon Hanna
2016-02-23upgpkg: openlp 2.4-2Simon Hanna
2016-02-17upgpkg: openlp 2.4-2Simon Hanna
2016-02-15upgpkg: openlp 2.4-1Simon Hanna
2016-02-13upgpkg: openlp 2.2.1-1Simon Hanna
2015-12-26upgpkg: openlp 2.2.1-1Simon Hanna
2015-12-21upgpkg: openlp 2.2.1-1Simon Hanna
2015-12-21upgpkg: openlp 2.2.1-1Simon Hanna
2015-11-30upgpkg: openlp 2.2.1-1Simon Hanna
2015-08-10InitialGarrett Wilson