AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-09-22Add optional dependency of custom osgSandy Carter
2015-12-02Add libxkbcommon-x11 as dependencySandy Carter
2015-11-29Build with qt5 nowSandy Carter
2015-07-15Use qt4 and qt5-base for osgSandy Carter
2015-07-13Use qt5Sandy Carter
2015-07-03openmw with OSGSandy Carter
2014-12-05Fix three positions for openmw tagsSandy Carter
2014-09-08Update source and dependency of myguiSandy Carter
2013-12-18version numbersSandy Carter
2013-12-18Remove qmake overwrite for openmwSandy Carter
2013-12-05Removed some dependencies to openmwSandy Carter
2013-12-05openmw version bump after ogre updateSandy Carter
2013-11-27Add MIT license for shinySandy Carter
2013-10-26Temp bug fix with -DHAVE_LIBUDEV_H=0bwrsandman
2013-10-26openmw 0.26.0 update with unsheildbwrsandman
2013-08-19No fix necessary anymoreSandy Carter
2013-07-31sed and licenses are taken care of by CMake nowbwrsandman
2013-07-28include tag in git descriptionbwrsandman
2013-07-07adding vim settingsbwrsandman
2013-06-16added sdl2bwrsandman
2013-05-16added ogrebullet-gitbwrsandman
2013-05-10cmake should not get $pkgdir, move to make installbwrsandman
2013-05-10-git will have some debug infoSandy
2013-05-10Automatic date and cleanupbwrsandman
2013-05-10Merge branch 'master' of
2013-05-10Highly simplified PKGBUILDbwrsandman
2013-05-10Highly simplified PKGBUILDbwrsandman
2013-03-09getting desktop files from root of compiled dirSandy Carter
2013-03-09added opencs .desktop and icon filesSandy Carter
2013-03-09launcher.qss is no longer usedSandy Carter
2013-03-09openmw icon movedSandy Carter
2013-03-06forcing qt4 in cmakeSandy Carter
2013-02-27qt has been replaced by qt4 in the arch repositoriesSandy Carter
2013-02-12updated dependsSandy Carter
2013-01-29Font License name changeSandy
2013-01-24using proper makepkg MAKEFLAGSSandy
2013-01-15DejaVu replaces the Vera fontSandy
2012-12-31Update openmw-git/PKGBUILDSandy
2012-12-31Remove parallel flag to reduce memory consumptionSandy
2012-12-28Added openMW construction set binarySandy
2012-11-05Shortened licenseSandy
2012-11-05Added mwiniimportSandy
2012-11-05Added licences, optimizationsSandy
2012-11-04No more launcher.cfgSandy
2012-10-27Parallelizing compileSandy
2012-09-09Update openmw-git/PKGBUILDSandy
2012-09-08Update openmw-git/PKGBUILDSandy
2012-07-26updated openmw.cfg resources sedSandy
2012-07-26Update openmw-git/PKGBUILDSandy
2012-07-26openmw.cfg.install renamed to openmw.cfgSandy