AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-21bump to 5.10.3Sledge Sulaweyo
2020-02-21update to 5.10.2Sledge Sulaweyo
2020-01-18fix missing bracketSledge Sulaweyo
2020-01-12use bundler to install required gems as script does not include allSledge Sulaweyo
2020-01-05Update to 5.10.1Sledge Sulaweyo
2019-10-06Update to 5.8.5Sledge Sulaweyo
2019-05-26Bump to 5.8.2Sledge Sulaweyo
2019-02-28Update to 5.8.0Sledge Sulaweyo
2018-11-10small fixesSledge Sulaweyo
2018-10-21push 5.6.2Sledge Sulaweyo
2018-09-29Bump 5.6.1Sledge Sulaweyo
2018-08-14fix messed up checksumSledge Sulaweyo
2018-07-17Update to 5.6.0Sledge Sulaweyo
2018-06-10Bump to upstream 5.4.13Sledge Sulaweyo
2018-05-23Add missing makedepends npmSledge Sulaweyo
2018-05-18Bump to 5.4.12Sledge Sulaweyo
2018-04-13build from github relases, update to 5.4.10Sledge Sulaweyo
2018-02-03Update to 5.4.6 releaseSledge Sulaweyo
2017-09-20Update to upstream 5.4.1sulaweyo
2017-09-07service changes to ensure service restarts on every exit code and as well res...sulaweyo
2017-09-01Cleanup stale lock file in opennebula.serviceGeorg Brunmayr
2017-08-24Service units are now a lot closer to upstreamsulaweyo
2017-08-14add python2 dependencysulaweyo
2017-08-13Upgrade to upstream version 5.4.0, dropped prebuilt gem packages - install co...sulaweyo
2016-09-12Update SRCINFORafael Reggiani Manzo
2016-09-12Add new contributorsRafael Reggiani Manzo
2016-09-12Install onegate systemd unitRafael Reggiani Manzo
2016-09-12Merge pull request #7 from Ichimonji10/checksumsRafael Reggiani Manzo
2016-09-12Sources have changed; update references to themJeremy Audet
2016-09-12Merge pull request #5 from Ichimonji10/mysqlRafael Reggiani Manzo
2016-09-12Support mysql by defaultJeremy Audet
2016-09-12Merge pull request #6 from sulaweyo/masterRafael Reggiani Manzo
2016-09-12remove execs from services that are already done in prerequisite, remove mysq...Sledge Sulaweyo
2016-09-09Merge pull request #4 from Ichimonji10/commentsRafael Reggiani Manzo
2016-09-09Merge pull request #3 from Ichimonji10/speedRafael Reggiani Manzo
2016-09-09Merge pull request #2 from Ichimonji10/systemdRafael Reggiani Manzo
2016-09-09Fix unit references in .service filesJeremy Audet
2016-09-09Use all CPU cores when compiling with sconsJeremy Audet
2016-09-09Drop references to self-contained installJeremy Audet
2016-09-03Add new unit files to PKGBUILDRafael Reggiani Manzo
2016-09-03Add addition unit for requiring mysqlRafael Reggiani Manzo
2016-09-03Merge branch 'master-sulaweyoRafael Reggiani Manzo
2016-07-25Bump to version 5.0.2Rafael Reggiani Manzo
2016-07-25* add oneflow and econe servicesGeorg Brunmayr
2016-06-29Bump to 5.0.1, improve upgrade compatibilityRafael Reggiani Manzo
2016-05-25Improve systemd service filesRafael Reggiani Manzo
2016-02-27Add missing ruby-nokogiri dependencyRafael Reggiani Manzo
2016-02-17Fix kvm emulator configurationRafael Reggiani Manzo
2016-02-17Create service file for sunstoneRafael Reggiani Manzo
2016-02-17Fix one_auth file being created multiple timesRafael Reggiani Manzo