AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-02-03Add libjlink dependencyFlaviu Tamas
2022-10-23update srcinfoCody P Schafer
2022-10-23fix build with change from @flaviutCody P Schafer
2022-02-27fix groupCody P Schafer
2022-02-27set submodules, enable capstoneCody P Schafer
2020-02-25ignoreCody P Schafer
2020-02-25add xlnx_pcie_xvc & use httpsCody P Schafer
2018-11-25add aarch64Cody P Schafer
2018-08-29srcinfoCody P Schafer
2018-08-29install udev rulesCody P Schafer
2018-08-01switch mirror and remove unneeded .install (hooks handle this today)Cody P Schafer
2015-10-27with new version numberyhfudev
2015-06-13update for latest git versionyhfudev