AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-08-06require libcec <= 3.1cowmix
2017-08-01update to 1.8.0cowmix
2017-08-01update to 1.8.0Jason Mooradian
2017-01-15Revised with new paths from upstreatmJeff Keyte
2017-01-02The rest of the diffJeff Keyte
2017-01-02Update to Keyte
2016-07-04Added make depends for shairplayJeff Keyte
2016-07-04Added rtmpdump to dependsJeff Keyte
2016-07-02Added plexhometheater.desktop file to allow for custom icons.Jeff Keyte
2016-06-27Upstream upgrade to Keyte
2016-06-27Updated dependencies. Running does not require old versions of gcc-libs, gli...Jeff Keyte
2016-06-19Updated depends to remove ffmpeg-compatJeff Keyte
2016-06-19Still won't build at gcc 6Jeff Keyte
2016-06-18OpenPHT 1.6Jeff Keyte
2016-05-24update dependencies due to gcc incompatibility, add fribidi patchJeff Keyte
2016-03-12remove -j2Jeff Keyte
2016-03-11Fixed duplicated shairplay dependsJeff Keyte
2016-03-11Updated make to make -j2 for dual core useJeff Keyte
2016-03-11Replaced shairport with shairplayJeff Keyte
2016-03-11OpenPHT Release 1.5.2Jeff Keyte
2016-02-06Update to 1.5.1Josh Dye
2016-01-12Added checksum & conflicttJosh Dye
2016-01-11Initial importJosh Dye
2016-01-11Initial importJosh Dye
2016-01-11Initial importJosh Dye