AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-24Fix PKGBUILDEndlessEden
2020-09-21Fixed: Description, updated pkgver, added optional depends.EndlessEden
2020-07-30Fixed make commandsEndlessEden
2019-07-14Updated for msbuild(roslyn); Disabled RA2.EndlessEden
2019-03-27Updated and fixedEndlessEden
2017-10-13Fixed, sorry for the delayEden Rose
2017-10-10Fixed RA2Eden Rose
2017-09-09Fixed RA2 so that its functioning.Eden Rose
2017-08-15UPD: Added fixed from fusion809- Dont worry you will be thanked :)Eden Rose
2017-06-14Fixed and updated with Additional modsEden Rose
2017-01-01Updated Version 2mnovick1988
2017-01-01Updated Version Infomnovick1988
2016-04-06Fixed versioning to represent bleedmnovick1988
2016-04-06Switched from MASTER to BLEED branch.mnovick1988
2016-04-06Updated version handling.mnovick1988
2015-12-24Initial Commit. Cloned and Modified from openra package.mnovick1988