AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysBumping to 283.git.f39b0a1Brenton Horne
6 daysUpdating to use new build systemBrenton Horne
2019-07-28213->227Brenton Horne
2019-07-14203->213Brenton Horne
2019-06-02:arrow_up: 203.git.aa4ed5aBrenton Horne
2019-05-16Fixing icon issueBrenton Horne
2019-04-09189->192Brenton Horne
2019-04-04Bumping to 189Brenton Horne
2019-04-03182->185Brenton Horne
2019-04-02180->182Brenton Horne
2019-03-28Mv make ver to build so upd pkgver is usedBrenton Horne
2019-03-27Bumping ver to 175Brenton Horne
2019-03-26Got the URL wrong for this modBrenton Horne
2019-03-23Had to adjust git repo src line to upd SRCINFOBrenton Horne
2019-03-23Adjusting make ver lineBrenton Horne
2019-03-23Bumping version stringBrenton Horne
2019-03-23Initial commitBrenton Horne