AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-10upgpkg: openrazer-git 2.6.0.r6.g2433ae8-1Luca Weiss
2019-03-30openrazer-git: cleanup pkgbuildLuca Weiss
2017-11-10Rename pkgbase to openrazer-gitLuca Weiss
2017-10-21Fix renames I have missedLuca Weiss
2017-10-21Rename subpackages from razer to openrazerLuca Weiss
2017-09-06OpenRazer rebrandLuca Weiss
2017-05-05rework optdependsLuca Weiss
2017-05-05Add missing dependencyLuca Weiss
2017-05-04Improve package descriptionsLuca Weiss
2017-02-13Update .install files with more/better commentsLuca Weiss
2017-02-06Add razer-driver-arch-git under ifLuca Weiss
2017-01-17Remove razer-driver-arch-git comments and install fileLuca Weiss
2017-01-16Comment out razer-driver-arch-git (I will just put it onto OBS) & update dkms...Luca Weiss
2017-01-06Python rebuild, add gtk3 dependencyLuca Weiss
2017-01-03Add razer-driver-arch-git package which pre-compiles the kernelLuca Weiss
2017-01-02Move optdepends to python-razerLuca Weiss
2016-12-30cleanup install files, use make targets for installingLuca Weiss
2016-11-25Fix packaging when python isn't already installedLuca Weiss
2016-11-15Initial commitLuca Weiss