AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-14Update .SRCINFOGraham Edgecombe
2019-03-14Update to 0.2.2Graham Edgecombe
2018-08-27Update to 0.2.1Graham Edgecombe
2018-06-12Disable the tests for nowGraham Edgecombe
2018-06-11Update to 0.2.0Graham Edgecombe
2018-03-19Update URLGraham Edgecombe
2018-03-19Update to 0.1.2Graham Edgecombe
2017-08-10Update to 0.1.1Graham Edgecombe
2017-08-10Add .tar files to .gitignoreGraham Edgecombe
2017-07-12Update to 0.1.0Graham Edgecombe
2017-05-04Update to 0.0.7Graham Edgecombe
2017-01-30Add armv7h and aarch64 architecturesGraham Edgecombe
2017-01-30Update to 0.0.6Graham Edgecombe
2016-12-28Remove !buildflags optionGraham Edgecombe
2016-12-28Update to 0.0.5Graham Edgecombe
2016-10-02Add sdl2_ttf build dependency on x86_64 machines.Graham Edgecombe
2016-04-30Remove gtk-update-icon-cache and desktop-file-utils deps.Graham Edgecombe
2016-04-30Remove *.zip from .gitignore.Graham Edgecombe
2016-04-30Remove openrct2-git from .gitignore.Graham Edgecombe
2016-04-28Remove .install tasks now provided by hooks.Graham Edgecombe
2016-04-16Use RelWithDebInfo as the build type.Graham Edgecombe
2016-04-16Update to 0.0.4.Graham Edgecombe
2016-02-03Switch to working link.Graham Edgecombe
2015-12-05Update to Edgecombe
2015-12-01Remove conflicts/provides leftover from -git PKGBUILD.Graham Edgecombe
2015-12-01Update to 0.0.3.Graham Edgecombe
2015-06-25Add changelog.txt symlink.Graham Edgecombe
2015-06-25Bump pkgrel.Graham Edgecombe
2015-06-25Set arch to any.Graham Edgecombe
2015-06-25Use the system's root certificates.Graham Edgecombe
2015-06-25Move documentation to /usr/share/doc.Graham Edgecombe
2015-06-22Initial commit.Graham Edgecombe