AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-09-11Fixed dependency issue with qt5Myrddin Wyllt
2022-05-17- Reworked pkgbuildMyrddin Wyllt
2022-05-17- Added quotes in case directory has spacesMyrddin Wyllt
2022-05-03Fixed compilation, updated PKGBUILD, removed outdated stuffMyrddin Wyllt
2021-07-25Cleaned up the dependencies again fixing the build.Myrddin Wyllt
2020-12-19Fixed build issues & removed config workarounds as upstream fixed issues.Myrddin
2020-06-25Updated 99-openrgb.rules to 60-openrgb.rulesMyrddin Wyllt
2020-06-20Updated dependencies to fix build issues for some.Myrddin Wyllt
2020-06-03Use upstream udev rulesMyrddin Wyllt
2020-05-30Added modprobe file for i2c-dev & updated udev rulesMyrddin Wyllt
2020-05-27Updated udev rules & added optional dependenciesMyrddin Wyllt
2020-05-07Updated udev rules.Myrddin Wyllt
2020-04-15Added Udev rulesMyrddin Wyllt
2020-02-13Hello World!Myrddin Wyllt