AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-06-11clean up dependencies; thanks @eclairevoyantlsf
2023-05-30now actually including the patch :Dlsf
2023-05-29use revised build process; building against headers onlylsf
2022-12-29update kver; fix module: include common_defs.h; thanks @weru345!lsf
2022-11-22address new module location; update kernel to 6.0.9; switch kernel source urllsf
2022-09-22kver 5.19lsf
2022-07-01add missing makedep: flexlsf
2022-07-01add common.h; thanks @nberlee!lsf
2022-06-30kver 5.18 and new .c/.o filelsf
2022-05-27kver 5.17lsf
2022-03-14kver 5.16lsf
2022-02-19carry over pkgver fix from `opensnitch-git` as welllsf
2022-02-19fix build (include added file in build process), thanks to @10101000!lsf
2022-01-08update kver to 5.15lsf
2021-10-10kernel 5.14lsf
2021-09-14update kver; fix pkgver so rc does not produce odd versionslsf
2021-07-08eBPF process monitor module for opensnitchlsf