AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-12use upstream's documented build typeSamuel Walladge
2019-01-16bump versionSamuel Walladge
2018-01-17bump versionSamuel Walladge
2017-03-07bump versionSamuel Walladge
2017-02-28bump versionSamuel Walladge
2016-12-28add missing depsSamuel Walladge
2016-12-27remove old patch, use pkgname in source fileSamuel Walladge
2016-12-27update to 0.1.0Samuel Walladge
2016-03-07added patch to fix build failingSamuel Walladge
2015-11-16removed uneeded build dependencySamuel Walladge
2015-06-30initial commitSamuel Walladge