AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-15use cmake for building and installingpobrn
2022-11-15update .SRCINFOpobrn
2022-11-15update pkgverpobrn
2019-08-14switch to RelWithDebInfo build typeSamuel Walladge
2016-12-19add new dependencySamuel Walladge
2016-12-10add missing depsSamuel Walladge
2016-11-15bump version, fix resource directory locationSamuel Walladge
2016-03-07build problems fxed upsteam, removed patchSamuel Walladge
2016-03-07patched to fix build errorsSamuel Walladge
2015-12-11adopted package, updated .srcinfoSamuel Walladge
2015-11-16Change upstream URL to github which is usedBrottweiler
2015-11-16imagemagick is not needed as make dependencyBrottweiler
2015-08-11Update pkgverBrottweiler
2015-08-11Initial importBrottweiler